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Brand New Live Case Study

"Watch Me Take a Brand New Affiliate Business from ZERO to $300 PER DAY in Profit Right in Front of Your Eyes!"

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2021, 5:17 PM
From: Duston McGroarty, San Antonio, TX

Dear Friend,

I'll explain more about this brand new case study in just a sec.
But right now I want you to look at what I have pulled up on my phone in the photo below...
It's my work calendar for the month of June 2021 (this month).
I've literally cleared my ENTIRE calendar for YOU.
I'll tell you why in a second...
But first, I wanna know...
Have you tried to make money online before and failed miserably?
Are you sick of buying course after course but never getting any results?
Have you lost your shirt with paid advertising in the past?
If you answered YES to those three questions...
This might be the most important letter you'll read this year.
Here's the deal...

Something happened to me last week.

Something that changed my plans entirely for the month of June.
In the span of about two hours...
I received emails from two of my past students.
The two students don't know each other and had no clue what was about to transpire.
I logged in to check my email that morning, like I always do...
And that's when I read both of their emails...
Emails from two different students...
Who have never met...
And, don't know each other at all...
Wrote almost the exact same email to me word for word.
Like, I'm talking WORD FOR WORD.

It stopped me DEAD in my tracks.

I leaned back in my chair...

Took my glasses off...

And, sat there for a few minutes in disbelief.
I've been sharing my knowledge and experience with other marketers online since 2010.
Not once has anything like this ever happened.
It wasn't just that their emails were almost identically written word for word...
It was the question they both ASKED in their emails that really got me thinking.
Here's the question...

"Any chance you'll make a 'start from nothing' case study showing you make money from scratch?"
That may not seem like much to you but to me...

It was a HUUUGE "ah-ha" moment.

These past few years I had gotten away from the "start from scratch" follow-along case studies I used to do.
Why, you ask?

Great question. I have no frickin' clue. Cuz I'm a moron, I guess, I don't know lol! 🤣🤦‍♂️
My students always love those types of case studies.
Watching me do it right in front of your eyes...
Proves it IS possible for even a beginner to start from scratch and make money online.
Reading their two emails, dang-near back-to-back...
Made me realize how much I had veered off that path with my teachings these last few years.
That's why I decided to scratch my previous plans for June...

And, dedicate the ENTIRE month to this BRAND NEW case study.
An old-school, live, follow-along case study like I used to do.
You see it ALL...
Every step of the way...
Every click of the mouse...
Every tap of the keyboard...
The whole enchilada...
As if you were standing here in my office watching over my shoulder.

But there IS a catch.

Actually, there are a few "catches"...
In the past, I had 50-100 students at a time follow along live with these case studies.
The problem was, I couldn't give each student the time and attention they needed to be able to replicate my success.
My time was spread way too thin.
Plus, it got to the point where students in similar niches were competing with each other, which makes it pretty hard to succeed.
I basically shot myself in the foot by accepting too many students into the group.
For this brand new case study, there are only 30 spots available.
If you already know you're in based on what you've heard so far:

Spots Remaining:

If you're not sure yet if this is a good fit for you, keep reading...
If you're looking to make money online using nothing but free traffic, you're outta luck here.
Free traffic sucks for three reasons:

It's NOT fast...

It's NOT consistent...

It's NOT scalable.
Having used both free and paid traffic throughout my time online...
I've learned if you want to make money online FAST...
And, continue to make consistent money online...
Paid traffic is required. Period. End of story.
For that reason, I will ONLY be using paid traffic in this case study.
I'll tell you a bit more about the traffic source in a sec.
First, let's talk about how much of an ad budget you need...

If you can't afford to spend AT LEAST $10/day (preferably $20/day) on paid traffic, this is NOT for you.

Spots Remaining:

The last "catch" is...

If you think there's some secret magic easy button for making money online that only I know about...
This is definitely not for you.
Like I tell all of my students when it comes to paid traffic...
Successful campaigns are NOT born...
They are created one step at a time with careful precision.

"Stupid" Traffic Source Generates 87 Email Subscribers in 1 DAY.

I'm still in shock. For real.
I never imagined this traffic source would amount to anything.
In fact, at one time, I thought it was so STUPID that I swore I'd never use it.
I came across something a few days ago that changed my mind (more on that in a sec).
I gave in and decided to test it out.
And, I'm SOOO glad I did!
I don't think I've ever been more WRONG in my marketing life lol!
Check out the stats from one of my Aweber accounts below (yes, I have multiple accounts for separate businesses)...
I took that screenshot on Wednesday, June 2, 2021...
I already had 59 new subscribers that day...
And, the day before I got 87 new subscribers...
All from this one "stupid" traffic source I swore I'd never use, lol!
Below is a screenshot of my Google Analytics account.
It's ONLY showing the stats from this one traffic source during the same period of time as the Aweber stats above...
As you can see (or maybe not cuz it's pretty small)...
On May 31st I got zero traffic from this traffic source.
The traffic started trickling in sometime in the morning on June 1st.
I took that Google Analytics screenshot in the morning on June 3rd, so...
It's really just showing the traffic stats for June 1st and June 2nd...
Which are the same two days of stats displayed in the Aweber screenshot above.
Keep in mind, I finished with more than 59 subscribers on June 2nd...
Because I took that Aweber screenshot in the afternoon...
But even just looking at the stats shown in these two images...
Those are some pretty dang impressive results.
 » 290 visitors
 » 146 subscribers (at the time the Aweber screenshot was taken)
 » 50.34% opt-in rate
A fifty percent opt-in rate?! That's NUTS!
I'm still in awe of those numbers...
And, those aren't even 100% accurate!!
Like, seriously?!
It's incredibly RARE to get an opt-in rate that high from cold traffic (aside from something like internet marketing solo ads where people already know they're gonna have to opt-in).
Just crazy.

This is the traffic source I'll be using in this live case study.

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

That's the skinny on this Brand New Zero to $300/Day Live Case Study.
In case you're wondering...
I'm deliberately leaving out a whole bunch of details on purpose.
Because I'm looking for students who are willing to do whatever it takes...
And follow my lead to get to $300/day ASAP.
If you're not willing to do that, please do NOT enroll in this case study.
Let someone else who IS willing to do that have your spot.

Spots Remaining:

These spots won't last long.
Dream big. Take action.
Duston McGroarty

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do we get email support from you?

A. Yes, of course! Like all of my courses you'll get unlimited email coaching from me... even after the case study is over.

Q. How long do you think it'll take you to hit $300/day?

A. My goal is to not only teach and explain every step of the process but also to hit $300/day (in profit) consistently within 30 days of starting the case study.

Q. When does the case study start?

A. I'm not sure yet exactly what day I'll be starting. I really wanted to get started this Friday (June 4, 2021) but I'm not sure if I'll be ready in time for that. It will most likely begin on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Q. How much of an ad budget is needed?

A. I recommend a minimum ad budget of $20/day.

Q. Which ad network will you be using... Facebook, Google, Bing, or another one?

A. I've honestly not picked a traffic source yet. I'll explain why and what my plan is in the first lesson I send out. I do know for a fact it will NOT be Facebook.

Q. How is this different from your Affiliate Ground Zero training and your $1K/Day Challenge?

A. The Affiliate Ground Zero 30-Day Bootcamp uses nothing but free traffic methods. This brand new live case study will be using paid traffic. Regarding The $1K/Day Challenge, while the topic of this new live case study is closely related (affiliate marketing with paid traffic), this brand new live case study will be using a different traffic source than what's used in that training.

Q. Do you have any discounts for previous students of yours or any payment plans?

A. Unfortunately, since the spots are extremely limited for this live case study I can't offer any discounts or payment plans.

Q. Will the lessons be held as a live webinar or will they be prerecorded videos?

A. After running a number of extended courses like this in the past, I've found it better to deliver the content as prerecorded video lessons. It allows me to deliver a better quality course because I can take the necessary time to plan out the content for each lesson before I record it. Plus, with live webinar-style lessons, there is no "good time" that works for everyone around the world to attend live.

Q. Will there be a private Facebook Group for students who are a part of the live case study?

A. Probably not. I get the appeal and understand the benefits of being able to ask questions and get help from other people... but I just don't need anything else I have to manage lol!

Q. Will this case study incorporate list-building and email marketing?

A. Absolutely! That's my number one recommendation for anyone looking to make CONSISTENT money online.

Q. Will your students be able to copy exactly what you are doing and see the same success (same offer, same emails, etc.)?

A. First off, I can't guarantee success. Next, I haven't chosen a specific niche/product yet because I want to cover that in the first lesson. But my goal is to pick something that everyone can copy and get the same results without the risk of competing with everyone else. That's another reason why I'm limiting it to 30 spots.

Spots Remaining: